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Advanced Education - Biologie du Développement de Villefranche sur mer
Unité Mixte de Recherche CNRS 7009




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All about training

You can get in touch through your training representative in the lab. He will liase between your unit and the Regional Training Office.


Training is available to all CNRS staff (researchers, engineers, technicians and administrators) who are engaged in full or part time work.

Non-affiliated CNRS agents working in a mixed CNRS unit (UMR) can access the training courses organized under the training plan for their unit (PFU) and training access will depend upon the number of places available. For registration, they are required to send their request to the Training Office of the parent organization.

How to register for training ?


1) Contact your local training representative

2) Complete and sign a registration request to the Regional Training Office

    Warning: All sections must be filled in, including:

    • the purpose of training (T1, T2, T3)

    • Description of your work in connection with the training expectations.

3) Submit your application to your unit manager and to the training representative for validation and signature

4) Send your request by e-mail or fax: 04 93 95 42 42 to the Regional Training Office, who will inform you of its decision.

Your Delegation Contacts


Conseillère formation

Assistante formation

Gestionnaire financière

Monique Clatot

Carine Antico

Kristel Brun-Gastaldi

TEL : 04-93-95-43-70

TEL : 04-93-95-41-84

TEL : 04-93-95-41-25

FAX : 04-93-95-42-42

FAX : 04-93-95-42-42

FAX : 04-93-95-42-42





Email adress for your delegation contacts :


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