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News - Biologie du Développement de Villefranche sur mer
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Next Tuesday (Oct 20th) a seminar of Kazuo Inaba

Next Tuesday (Oct 20th) we will have a seminar of Kazuo Inaba, directeur of Shimoda marine station.

Dr. Kazuo Inaba, Professor and director, Shimoda Marine Research Center (SMRC), University of Tsukuba, has been studying for many years on the roles of the tiny hair-like organelle on a cell called “cilia”. Cilia generate and propagate wave by their internal structures “axoneme”, which is composed of “9+2” microtubules and the “dynein” molecular motors. They are indispensable for locomotion of small unicellular organisms, sperm (having long cilia, commonly called as “flagella”) and invertebrate larvae. Epithelia bearing cilia generate a water flow outside the tissue to transport substances or to exclude foreign matter/bacteria as seen in trachea. The structure of cilia and flagella is well conserved during the course of evolution from early eukaryotes to human. Patients with deficiency or structural abnormality in cilia show a wide range of symptom (ciliopathy), including male and female infertility, bronchitis, hydrocephalus, and situs inversus. Thus cilia are also one of the targets in medical sciences.